About JICA Alumni

In 1987, there was no JICA TurkeyOffice in Turkey. JICA’s works were carried out by Japanese Embassy. Theperiod’s Ambassador was Kazuo Wachi, Minister-Counsellor was Michio Hamano,Counsellor were Atsushi Fukasawa and Toru Ikeuchi. In those days, about eighthundred specialists who passed from JICA education programs in our country,decided that it is time to establish a non-governmental organization to developrelations with JICA, just like in other countries. At the end of studies andnegotiations made in accordance with this purpose, Ruhi Esirgen, Turgut Aktan,Akın Oyat, Timur Sayraç and Ahmet Tabban were invited by Dear Hamano and DearFukasawa. And then, studies for association establishment began with thecontributions of Barlas Gökova and Zeynep Özen who were on duty in the Embassy(5th November 1987). At the end of long acting analysis, research, discussionand preparations, the draft regulation that was prepared also with thecontribution of Meral Ünver and Dilek Cenkçiler, was presented to theGovernorate in March 1, 1988. After the additions, cancellations and amendmentsthe Governorate determined, the regulation was broadcasted in official gazettein May 10, 1988 and so the official establishment was completed. The firstPresident of Administrative Board was Ruhi Esirgen, Accountant was Meral Ünver,General Secretary was Timur Sayraç, and the members were Turgut Aktan, Ahmet Tabban,Akın Oyat and Dilek Cenkçiler. The name of the Association was “JICA AlumniAssociation” address was “Selanik Caddesi, 36/5, Kızılay, Ankara” andgeneration number was registered as “06.32.173”.

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