Action Plan Award Ceremony
After attending training in Japan as a JICA trainee, the participants were rewarded with the evaluation of the action plans which they prepared for the benefit of our country in the light of the knowledge and experience gained. This year, in the second competition,

1. Berna KIRIS TURNA "Merchandize Branding and Marketing by Utilizing Local Products"

2. Yasin SARIKAKAK "Facility Maintenance Management on Non Destructive Inspection for Lifeline Structure"

3. Cihan TOSLAK "Value-chain Development for Sustainable Use of Fisheries Resources" has earned a degree with named Action Plans.

Awards were presented at the Ankara Turkish Japanese Foundation conference hall by Ambassador of Japan Excellency Hiroshi OKA, President of JICA Association Dr. Hasan ATAR and The President of JICA Turkey Office, Mayumi ENDOH. We congratulate our friends and wish them success.

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Action Plan Award Ceremony
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