Panel: Meeting of Producers-Entrepreneurs-Students

Our panel was held on 15 December 2016 at the Faculty of Agriculture of Ankara University in collaboration with JICA Association, JICAand Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture. On the panel; Producers and entrepreneurs, exchange experiences with students and academicians.

It started with the speeches of JICA Association President Prof. Dr. Hasan ATAR , Deputy President of JICA Turkey Office Eita NARITA and Professor of Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Gökhan SÖYLEMEZOGLU. Then. in the moderation of JICA Turkey Office Senior Program Officer Assoc. Dr Emin ÖZDAMAR; Saliha AKBAŞ, Arife AVCIOĞLU, Uğur ALKURT and Çetin YEŞİL shared their presentations. In addition, trainees of other Young Leaders Program and Coşkun KUTUROĞLU, the Board Member of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers of Trabzon, contributed to the panelists by giving information about the activities in their regions. At the end of the panel, an appreciation survey was conducted by the participants of the Youth Leaders Program trainees Uğur ALKURT, who were produced in Trabzon and had different flavors of milk jam.

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