A Press tour is organized to the one and the only Disaster Training Center of Turkey by JICA

Some 15 million Turkish liras have beenspent on Turkey’s first and largest Disaster Training Center which has beencommissioned on August 17, 2013 by Bursa Governorate with the technical supportof JICA . The Center was designed based on similar centers in Japan. Hosting various simulation facilities such as an earthquake simulation room, acorridor of wreckage, storm simulation, fire extinguishing simulation and 5Dcinema simulation, the training center is used for the training of students andadults about the various types of disasters and the measures to be taken inorder to reduce the loss of life and property in case of such disasters. Theequipment used in the center makes it the first of its kind not only in Turkeybut also in the region. In addition, the measures to be taken against stove andheater poisoning cases that are occasionally observed in Turkey are also sharedwith the trainees through carbonmonoxide simulation.

JICA has not onlyprovided technical support for the establishment of the center but also hastrained the headquarters personnel in similar centers in Japan. Continuing to offer support, JICA has assigned a senior Japanese volunteer to work at the center.

Another project  conducted by JICA in Bursa is the ‘School Based Disaster Education Project’ which aims to provide Disaster Education in Turkey to the master teachers from 10 pilot cities in the Marmara region. The goal of the project is to have these master teachers inform the other teachers and students and raise awareness among them. Special importance has been given to material development in the context of the project and the trainees have been taught that teachers can inform the students about disasters in almost all subject courses. 

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